Wednesday, August 27, 2014

25 Pizza Recipes

If you love pizza, you will love this collection of 25 Pizza Recipes. If you don't love pizza, I'm  not sure we can be friends. Just kidding. Sort of.

This pizza collection has both savory pizzas and dessert pizzas. I love dessert pizza. If you've never tried them, you need to fix that asap. I know a lot of people have homemade pizza every week like Friday night is Pizza night. This collection is perfect for you if that's your thang. I want to make that a thang at my house and I have the perfect resource to get me started right here. These pizza recipes look incredible. Check them out:
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Monday, August 25, 2014

Totally Talented Tuesdays #27

Hey there! Welcome to the party! I hope you have fun finding new recipes and ideas. Be sure to check out other blogger's links after linking up.
Here is last week's most viewed post...

bbq ch mac n cheese 1
BBQ Chicken Mac & Cheese
from The Recipe Rebel

Zucchini Dinner Rolls

Remember the collection of 60 Zucchini Recipes I shared a little bit ago? Well here's another recipe to add to that. These Zucchini Dinner Rolls are delicious with little pretty flecks of zucchini throughout.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tamale Casserole

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Manwich. All opinions are 100% mine.
I grew up with Manwich as a familiar meal staple. Always in the form of Sloppy Joes. We loved it. But I didn't really think about the other Manwich Recipes out there. You can do soooo much more than Sloppy Joes. There are tons of Easy Weeknight Meals that can be made with Manwich.

 photo a40aeb3f-0048-4f72-a5a2-2f62746bc9ec_zps05d34a9a.png

Manwich comes in three great varieties: Original, Bold, and Thick & Chunky. Manwich has kid-stopping power as a weeknight meal solution moms and dads can depend on.

Did you know that each can of Manwich is free of artificial flavors and preservatives? And there is no meat in Manwich cans making it perfect to create your own recipe like pastas, casseroles and more.

I came up with this Tamale Casserole. Manwich has a hearty sweet and tangy taste which worked perfectly with the casserole. The topping is a polenta style rather than corn bread which I love. You can easily use corn bread if you prefer. Southerners will love this recipe!

Printable Version
1 lb ground beef
1 can Manwich
1 can corn
1 1/2 cup cheddar cheese, shredded and divided
3/4 cup yellow cornmeal
1/2 tsp. salt
2 cups cold water
1 Tbsp butter

  • Brown the beef until done; add Manwich, corn and 1 cup cheese. Stir to combine.
  • Set filling aside.
  • In a saucepan, combine cornmeal, salt, water and butter. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until thickened.
  • Spread half the cornmeal mixture in the bottom of a greased 8x8 pan. Pour in the beef mixture. Top with the rest of the cornmeal mixture. You may want to double the cornmeal mixture when making this. 
  • Bake at 375 for 45 minutes or until the topping has set. When 5 minutes are remaining until done, sprinkle with remaining 1/2 cup cheese.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lunch Box Ideas for Back to School

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Horizon Organic. The opinions and text are all mine.

Do you ever dread packing your kids' lunches? It's the "what to put in so they don't get sick of the same thing" part that gets me. Luckily my kids are pretty easy going when it comes to their lunches. They usually have school lunch so it's a treat to them when I pack them a lunch. I have some ideas that will hopefully help you out.

It can be easy to just make a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, add some chips, cookie and a drink and be done. That would get boring fast! I try to change it up as much as I can. I make Jell-o or pudding in little containers with lids, I throw in those singles-to-go mixes that can be shook up in a bottle of water and lots more. I made a list to help you out.

All you do is choose something from each category, or 2 from the Misc/Drinks category, and it keeps it fun. My 6-year-old loves chocolate milk so I picked up some little boxes of Horizon Organic chocolate milk. It also comes in regular and strawberry. She loves it! Then, once you have it figured out just pack it up in a cute lunch box/bag.

Don't forget the ice pack if you are packing perishable items like meats and cheese. I also love to include little notes or jokes. Here is a fun site that has jokes ready to go. There are also all kinds of printable notes and jokes here.
Be sure to check out Horizon Organic on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for more fun.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Totally Talented Tuesdays #26

Hey guys! Welcome to the party! My kids started school this week so we're getting back into our routines (which I love!) and it's just Isaac and me at home all day. It's kinda nice. Okay it's really nice. We are both happy when the kids get home. Isaac isn't quite sure what's going on. I am sure he's wondering where the kids are all day.

Now onto the party! Here is last week's most viewed post:

Lightened Up Breakfast Casserole
from Clayton Family Kitchen